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Proud to be part of the Community

The Culinary Arts Institute is not only the region's premier culinary education resource, it's a destination for individuals in the community who want to take cooking classes. The culinary school also takes its role in the community seriously, which is why it has made sustainability a top priority. The Institute also participates in community events and can be rented to host private events.

Culinary Enrichment and
Continuing Education Classes

In addition to our certificate and degree programs, we offer a smorgasbord of non-credit classes for all ages. We offer  hands-on workshops, classes for those already in the culinary field and  for those who would like to get started.  We also offer private hands-on and teambuilding classes for adults and kids. For more information, contact The Culinary Arts Institute at or call 267-646-5970.

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We offer various classes to please those who aspire to cook and those that would like to further their cooking knowledge and skills.

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Do you know of an aspiring young chef? We have a brand new program sure to please both those who love to bake AND cook!

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We now offer week-long culinary camps for kids during the summer.

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We offer two day and one day certification classes, as well as a six hour refresher course. We also offer these classes in Spanish as well. There is also an option for professionals in the foodservice industry to sit for just the Servsafe exam if they have already taken an online class or if the need to re-take the test. Servsafe books are not included in the prices listed but are available in the MCCC bookstore at the Central Campus in Blue Bell or online at

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We are excited to bring you a new series of classes for those thinking of starting their own business as well as for  those already in the hospitality business who want to gain more knowledge in their profession and/or entrepreneurial endeavor.

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Forty Foot Café and Bakery

Stop by our Forty Foot Cafe and Bakery and indulge in treats freshly prepared by our baking/pastry students as part of their curriculum. The bakery allows our students to show off their skills, and gives the rest of the community a taste of what we've got to offer. All of our items are house made, ranging from breads and pastries to soups and sandwiches, and more.

Forty Foot Cafe and Bakery is open Wednesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

A catering menu is available for off-campus events. For more information, contact The Culinary Arts Institute at 267-646-5970.

Bistro 1400

At Bistro 1400, our students run the show. The restaurant is open to the public and features a rotating menu. It's a working laboratory where students get hands-on experience in all aspects of the foodservice industry.. Here, students can showcase their talents, and the community can see and taste our students’ culinary creations.

Bistro 1400 is open Thursdays and Fridays, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The cost is $12.95 per person.

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Bistro 1400 is a great place to for a group lunch and tour of CAI. For more information, contact The Culinary Arts Institute at 267-646-5970.


At The Culinary Arts Institute, when we talk about "green" we don't necessarily mean arugula. We could be referring to our sustainability initiative, spearheaded by Business Manager John De Pinto. In 2013, the Institute partnered with local business Sustainable Waste Solutions so that it could turn 100 percent of its waste into energy, making the Institute a landfill-free facility. To learn about this initiative, watch our "Cooking Green Cuisine" video on this page.

"We're trying to educate our students that when they get into the business they will produce an extraordinary amount of trash," said De Pinto, "and that they are responsible and accountable for what they do."

The Culinary Art Institute's sustainability initiative ties in to the farm-to-table trend. "Let's take it one step further," said De Pinto. "Let's not just think about when it comes into the building, but when it goes out. Composting, recycling, turning your [cooking] oil into biodiesel … we're trying to show students to complete the circle … and turn it into a usable resource."

Director Francine Marz said sustainability is an important part of the food service industry "and an integral part of what we do here at The Culinary Arts Institute."