Housing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for MCCC Students and Families

Why did MCCC and Gwynedd Mercy University pursue this partnership?
MCCC has long been a valued source of transfer students and was seeking a partner to provide housing for the growing number of inquiries from international students and students attending The Culinary Arts Institute in Lansdale. With this option, MCCC students can live on campus all four years, spending the first few semesters taking classes at MCCC and then completing their degree at GMercyU.

When will MCCC students move into the residence halls?
Students will be able to take advantage of housing at GMercyU beginning with the 2017 fall semester. The specific move-in date will be Friday, August 25, 2017.

How much is room and board at GMercyU?
There are three price points for MCCC students to choose from and this is charged on a semester basis. The cost for room and the 10-meal plan is $5,895; room and the 15-meal plan is $6,035; and room and the 19-meal plan is $6,245.

Are there any additional costs? Do I pay MCCC or GMercyU?
There is a $250 deposit with $50 to secure a room and the remaining $200 as a security deposit. The security deposit is a one-time fee charged to all residents refundable after graduation or being released from the housing contract provided that all financial obligations have been met (including parking and library fines, damage or penalty fees).

All monies related to living on campus is to be sent directly to MCCC.

Will the cost of room and board at GMercyU be eligible for financial aid?
Yes the costs for student housing at GMercyU are eligible for financial aid. For more information, please contact the MCCC Financial Aid Office.

How does my student apply for housing?
Students should fill out both sides of the housing application and send back via one of the methods indicated at the bottom of the first page.

What is the refund policy?
The withdrawal date from the residence halls is based upon official notification by the student to the Office of Residence Life and official check-out of the residence halls (which includes handing in keys) and not the date of the request to be released. The refund policy is as follows: 100% refund prior to the first day of the semester; 75% refund through the end of the drop/add period; 50% refund through the first week after the drop/add period; 25% refund through the second week after the drop/add period; 0% refund after the end of the second week after the drop/add period.

When is the housing application deadline?
While we have a rolling application process, the preferred deadline is August 1. While students can apply after this date, we assign housing based on availability. The earlier the application and deposit are received, the more likely housing can be secured and preferences accommodated.

Where will my student live? What type of rooms are available?
GMercyU offers 4 different residence halls that all have unique characteristics. Loyola Hall features community style living with double rooms and one communal bathroom on the floor. St. Brigid and Siena Hall are 4-person suites with 2 double rooms and a shared bathroom within the suite that is shared by all the residents. Alexandria Hall offers both double rooms similar to Loyola Hall and 4-person suites with a shared bathroom. Some of the suites in Alexandria even come with a living room!

Where can I find information about these buildings?
Find more about the residence halls at GMercyU online.

Can students choose which building they would like or a specific type of room?
On the application, students can rank their preferences for our residence halls. We do our best to honor all requests, but space is limited so not all students will receive their first choice.

How do you determine who my student will live with? What if they want to request a specific roommate?
The housing application features a section where students indicate their lifestyle preferences as well as their major. We do our best to match students based on those answers. If your student wants to request a specific person to live with, whether they attend MCCC or GMercyU, both students need to indicate this choice on the application. We cannot accommodate roommate requests unless we know both students want to live with each other. If your student finds someone to live with after sending in the application, please have your student and the other student email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can do our best to honor the request!

When will students learn of their housing assignments?
Housing assignments will be mailed home prior to July 15 and will contain your student’s building, room, and any roommate contact information. If a student applies for housing after July 15, we will continue to mail this information home through mid-August. However, as we get closer to the opening of the halls, we will send information via your students’ MCCC e-mail account.

What is the housing contract?
The Annual Room and Board Contract is a binding, annual contract that is required to be signed by students before moving into a residence hall. The signature area is located on the back of the housing application. Students who are under the age of 18 when applying for housing will also need the signature of their parent or guardian. Students who are not sure about housing for the full academic year should contact our office directly so we can discuss options that may be available to them.

What is the Health Hold? Do I need health insurance?
All residents are required to have medical forms completed and on file in the Health & Wellness Center prior to move-in day. In addition, all residents are required to have health insurance. The deadline for all health forms and insurance to be verified is Monday, August 14, 2017. Students who do not prove that they have their own personal health insurance will automatically be billed the GMercyU health insurance plan. In addition, students who do not submit the required health information will not be able to complete the move-in process.

When do the residence halls open for the semester? What about the other breaks during the year?
Unless your student will be an early arrival, the residence halls open on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Specific information on the opening of the residence halls will be included in the assignment letter sent home. This letter also will include the schedule of all break periods. Any resident wishing to stay during a break period must apply through the instructions.

What are some recommendations to bring to the room?
The housing assignment letter will include a full list of recommended items to bring as well as items that are not allowed. Regardless, we do recommend that students speak with their roommate so they can discuss who will bring items that may be shareable, such as a mini refrigerator.

Are refrigerators and microwaves allowed?
Each resident may bring their own refrigerator that cannot be larger than 4.0 cubic feet. Microwaves, no larger than 700 watts, are only allowed in the Alexandria Hall suites. Other buildings and floors will have close access to a microwave located in a lounge or kitchen.

Not only are washers and dryers located in each residence hall and are free to use, but brand new machines were installed in Spring 2016! For the washers, it is highly recommended that High Efficiency (HE) Pods or HE liquid detergent be used. At no time should powder detergent be placed into the washing machines.

WiFi, Internet, and Cable
All of the residence halls have WiFi throughout the building as well as wired access in the rooms through the use of an Ethernet cord. Each room also has the capability for cable so long as residents bring a TV and coaxial cable.

All resident students will receive a mailbox in their residence hall to retrieve normal mail and very small packages. Any package that cannot be placed in the mailbox will be available in the mailroom. Residents will receive a package slip notifying them of their package to pick up. To address mail to your student, please use the following:

Name GMercyU Box # (found in assignment letter)
1325 Sumneytown Pike
PO Box 901
Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437

Do I have to pay for parking at GmercyU?
Yes! The cost for a resident student to obtain a parking permit is $75 per year.

Will a shuttle be available for students between MCCC and GMercyU?
At this time, there are not plans to run a shuttle between MCCC and GMercyU. However, GMercyU does provide a shuttle to the Gwynedd Valley SEPTA station through our Public Safety Office. In addition, the Dean of Students Office sponsors the Griffin Loop that operates Thursdays-Sundays and transports students to local businesses, restaurants, and other attractions.

What services will be available to me living at GMercyU?
All GMercyU co-curricular events will be open to MCCC students residing at GMercyU. In addition, MCCC students can take advantage of services such as use of the library, Health and Wellness Center, and Intramurals/Recreation.

Am I subject to GMercyU’s rules and guidelines?
Yes. MCCC students living at GMercyU will be subject to the Student Code of Conduct which includes the student conduct process. MCCC is in support of disciplinary sanctions or accountability initiatives that GMercyU determines to be appropriate.

What if I have more questions?
The Office of Residence Life is here to help! We can be reached at 267-448-1305 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..