Courses and Programs

ClassroomCollaboration between the Business and Entrepreneurial Initiatives Division (BEI) and the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division (WDCE) will allow for an extensive selection of credit, and non-credit course offerings for the students.


BEI offers the Entrepreneurship Program which links theory and practice. This 12-credit certificate is designed to prepare students to launch and/or grow a successful business, small or large, profit or nonprofit. The certificate program consists of the following four three-credit, skilled-based courses.

  • ETP 110 Entrepreneurial Essentials
  • ETP 111 Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • ETP 112 Entrepreneurial Accounting
  • ETP 113 Entrepreneurial Business Plan

All four courses will be offered each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) in accelerated seven-week terms to both credit students who will receive an Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion, and non-credit students who will receive a non-credit Entrepreneurial Certificate of Completion. Two courses will be offered in the first part of the semester, and two will be offered in the remaining half of the semester.

Although the Entrepreneurship Program can be completed in one semester, it is recommended that a student with little or no background in business complete the program over two semesters at a non-accelerated pace.

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