Testing and Placement Services

Academic Readiness for College

You are going to college because you have a goal—personal and/or professional. College programs and courses are designed to prepare you to achieve your career goals. The process of determining whether you are college-ready is designed to help you to achieve success in your college courses. All students must possess these skills upon entrance to the College to be successful: writing skills—being able to express yourself in a formal, effective, and straightforward way; reading skills—being able to comprehend and synthesize large volumes of complicated text; mathematical skills—being able to perform mathematical functions pertaining to your major. Academic Readiness is important.

Not only do these skills matter in college, they will matter to your future employer. Employers want to hire someone who can critically think and analyze, problem solve, and communicate effectively.

Many students need to first build or refresh their skills in writing, reading, and mathematics in order to succeed in their college-level coursework and to achieve their career goals. The placement test is a good indicator of whether or not you need to build these skills.

Some students will not need to take the placement test. Students who have score reports or college transcripts accepted by the College may be exempted from testing.

Shortly after you apply to the College, you must determine if you have college-level skills. You can do this in several ways: you can submit SAT score reports, submit AP test scores, submit another college's transcripts, complete course prerequisites, or take the College's placement test. Placement tests measure entry-level skills in reading comprehension, writing ability, mathematical ability, and, for some students, anatomy and physiology (biology) knowledge. Based on test results, students are placed into coursework which will allow them the best chance of success.

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