Deferred Payment Plan

Need options for spreading tuition payments out?
We've got you covered.

To assist students in meeting their financial obligation to the College, a Deferred Payment Loan Program is offered. Students taking credit courses, can pay their tuition and fees over six months by registering for classes and enrolling into the payment plan early.

To qualify for the deferred payment plan for credit courses, you must

  1. Be registered for 3 or more credits in a current semester.
  2. Complete all required information of the deferred payment plan agreement.(Note: the number of payments is determined by when you enter into the payment plan.)
  3. Submit the completed form, along with a $35 non-refundable deferred payment plan set up fee and the initial payment in person at either campus, by mail, or fax.
  4. Complete the Deferred Payment Plan Agreement for Spring 2015.

Important Notes

  • Your application cannot be processed without payment information to include adequate funds for the first payment and set up fee.
  • If you are enrolling in person, please be prepared to pay the set-up fee and initial installment at that time.
  • You must be registered before or within the dates of the payment plan to defer payment. Deferred payment plans are not offered for registration that occurs beyond the enrollment dates for the plan.
  • To see if your paperwork has been received (allow approximately 24 hours, Mon-Fri, to process after it has been faxed/emailed), to view your plan details, or to make payment on your plan, please click on MyMC3; Login; Select WebAdvisor; click on Financial Information — Student; View Account and Make Payment.

Course Schedule

If you're a late registrant, you must enroll immediately upon registration and before the published final payment date to avoid having your classes canceled. Your enrollment in the plan cannot be processed without payment.

Deferred Payment Plan for Credit Courses

NOTE: This information is correct as of this date and is subject to change. Please call 215-641-6540 with any questions.

To participate in the deferred payment plan, you must be registered and enrolled by the following dates.


Spring 2015

Enroll by             Plan Offering
11/30/2014      *      12/15 1/15 2/15 3/15 4/15 6 pymts
12/31/2014   * 1/15 2/15 3/15 4/15 5 pymts
1/31/2015     * 2/15 3/15 4/15 4 pymts
2/28/2015       * 3/15 4/15 3 pymts
* First Payment is due at the time of enrollment.

Deferred Payment Plan for Continuing Education

This plan allows you to spread payments out over a four-month period. To qualify for the continuing education/non-credit course option, you must:

  1. Be a continuing education student registered in a qualified technology and/or career program that leads to certification or public service programs whose tuition is over $400. The program must meet for 10 weeks or more.
  2. Complete all required information on the deferred payment plan form for mail, fax, scan and email enrollment.
  3. Submit a $35 non-refundable deferred payment plan set up fee with your deferred payment plan application, along with the initial payment. Your application can't be processed without both of these payments. If you are enrolling in person, please be prepared to pay your initial installment and set-up fee at that time.

Please contact Enrollment Services at 215-641-6540 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on this plan option and to obtain the continuing education deferred payment plan form.

Revised: 10/10/14, 9/2/14, 6/4/14, 2/17/14