Mustang Card

The College partnered with BankMobile Disbursements (formerly HigherOne) to provide the Mustang Card for you to use as photo identification while on campus, check out library books, provide easier access to refunds from your financial aid disbursements and more. In the future, the same card will be used for meal plans in the cafeteria and other dining and vending services around campus.
Mustang Card

ID Services

All students registered in degree-seeking programs must obtain a Mustang Card for student identification purposes. Photos can be taken at Enrollment Services in College Hall at Central Campus or at Enrollment Services in South Hall at West Campus. Once students have their photo taken, a Mustang Card will arrive at the address on record with the College. Please be sure to verify your mailing address with Enrollment Services. The College will begin having cards mailed to students approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester once we have a photo on file. (Exception – Financial Aid students who do not have a photo on file and are due a financial aid refund will be sent a card with no photo during the refund period timeframe so that they will have access to their financial aid refund. Students who receive a card with no photo will be required to pay a card replacement fee if they wish to receive a Mustang Card with his or her photo on it.)

No replacement fee will be charged for any active/inactive card reported lost or stolen.

Refund Disbursement

If a student applies and maintains eligibility for financial aid, the student will receive a refund for any credit balance after all tuition and fees have been paid by the student’s financial aid for the current semester.

In order to receive your financial aid refund, you must activate your Mustang Card and choose your refund preference. You may either choose to have your refund sent to a bank of your choice or you may open the BankMobile Vibe with BankMobile Disbursements. You can change your refund preference at any time.

BankMobileDisbursements and BankMobile Vibe

BankMobile DIsbursements provides you with the opportunity to open a free student checking account, the BankMobile Vibe. To make the most of your card and any refunds you receive, we recommend that you review the ways in which you can avoid additional fees.

Important Reminders about BankMobile Vibe

  1. Students are not obligated to open the BankMobile Vibe checking account.
  2. Any student issued a Mustang Card is eligible to sign up for the free BankMobile Vibe checking account.
  3. If you choose to open the BankMoblie Vibe checking account, you should be aware of how you can use the Vibe Account and what fees, if any, would be associated with use. Services and Fees
  4. Students with BankMoblie (and former Higher One/OneAccount) bank accounts can access their accounts surcharge-free at ATMs that are part of the Allpoint Network. For a full list of Allpoint ATMs, visit
  5. If you do choose to open the BankMobile Vibe, remember to SWIPE AND SIGN to avoid fees at point of sale transactions such as getting gas, buying books, and more. The Mustang card is not a credit card.
  6. The College does not receive a monetary benefit from BankMobile Disbursements if you elect to open the BankMobile Vibe account.

Please click the following link to view our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank.

You can also access this link by visiting and clicking on Client Profile and then School Contract Page.

Please visit or call 1.877.550.6639 for more information on the benefits and opportunities of the Mustang Card. You may also call us at 215.641.6551 to speak with a representative of the College.