Admissions Checklist - International Students

Becoming an international student at Montgomery County Community College is both exciting and rewarding! However, we recognize that it’s also an unfamiliar experience. Our goal is to make the application process as simple as possible. On this page, we compiled some important information you’ll need in order to begin your education with us. 

Visa Information

We define international students as those students who gain admittance to the College by the issuance of an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Status. If a student is applying from outside the United States, they will then use the I-20 to apply for an F-1 (student) visa. Any student who may already be in the United States and have an F-1 visa must follow the Transfer Admissions guidelines found below in order to be issued an I-20 from Montgomery County Community College.

Individuals in F-2, J-1, B-1/2 status may not study in the U.S. until they receive a change of visa status. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you require a change of status.

Note: US Citizens, permanent residents, refugees, persons granted asylum, and individuals restricted to part-time study seeking admission to the College should follow the regular new student application process.

Applying to the College

Please follow these steps when completing your application. The application will not be evaluated until all documents are received. All documents must be received before the application deadline. Transfer students must submit the complete application at least three weeks prior to the start of the semester. International students may only apply for Fall and Spring semesters.

Application Deadlines (overseas applicants only)

  • Fall Semester July 1
  • Spring Semester November 1

TRANSFER ADMISSIONS—Applying from Another Institution in the US

Change of Status

Montgomery County Community College recognizes that some incoming students are on a non-immigrant visa and would like to be an F-1. Although the College can give some limited assistance during the Change of Status process, it is the responsibility of the student to submit the Application for Change of Nonimmigrant Status to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with the appropriate documentation.

Change of Status applications for transfer admissions must be submitted before the start of the semester you are applying to.

We encourage students who seek a Change of Status to consult with a US-Licensed Immigration Law Attorney. For more detailed information see our description for the Change of Nonimmigrant Status to F-1 (Student).

Getting Started

We are pleased to have you begin your education at Montgomery County Community College. To get started, complete the following steps.

Step 1 Complete International Application

Create an account and submit your online application that you’ll use throughout the application process.

Step 2 Submit the Following Documents

Please submit the International Admissions Application and following documentation to the Student Success Center in College Hall at the Central Campus in Blue Bell. If you have someone working with you near the campus, they may come in person from 8 AM-7 PM Monday-Thursday or Friday 8 AM-5 PM. You may also mail it to the ESL and International Student Services in the Student Success Center.

ESL and International Student Services
Student Success Center
Montgomery County Community College
340 DeKalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422 USA

  1. Transcripts
    Include an original secondary school and College or University (if applicable) record/transcript with a literal translation in English. For Foreign College/University transcripts, a course-by-course evaluation should be completed. This evaluation should be processed by a curriculum translation organization approved by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. If you have any comprehensive examinations such as GCE and CXC exams, diplomas or certifications please include if applicable.
  2. Bank Statements
    Including a signature of a bank official on bank letterhead is needed to verify that you have the financial support to pay for a full academic year. The current bank account balance must demonstrate at least $21,972.00 US dollars and indicate that the account is in good standing. Also include a note indicating the student’s name. Please see Financial Documents and Expenses below for details on acceptable finances.
    Provide the same information from a person who agrees to be your financial sponsor. The sponsor must also submit an Affidavit of Financial Support.
  3. Sponsor's Affidavit of Support
    This form must be completed and notarized by a Notary Public or first-class magistrate. (This form is NOT required of those who are financing their education from their own personal funds).

Transfer students additionally need to submit

  1. Transfer Student Form
    To be completed only if you are transferring from another American College and have an I-20/F-1 student visa status. Transfer F-1 students should also submit a copy of their I-20 from their current school.
  2. Copies of I-94 Card, Current Visa, and Photo Page of Passport
    If applying from overseas, we only need a copy of your passport. Overseas applicants will present their visa and I-94 card upon arrival. If you are including dependents on this I-20 (spouse or child), please submit a copy of their immigration documents as well.

Step 3 TOEFL or IELTS (Overseas Admission Only)

Students applying from their home country must submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (Institution Code 2445) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score report from less than two years ago. Students transferring from another institution in the US can submit a TOEFL/IELTS score report OR visit the campus to take the placement test. There is no minimum required score for admission to the College. TOEFL/IELTS scores are for placement purposes only. Scores and English as a Second Language (ESL) course placements are below.

ESL 004 40 433 4.0
ESL 005 41-45 437-463 4.5
ESL 006 51-60 467-497 5.0
ESL 010 61-70 500-523 5.5
ESL 011 71-78 527-547 6.0
No ESL Required 79 or higher 550 or higher 6.5

Students who submit a TOEFL/IELTS score and demonstrate that no ESL is required will receive an I-20 for the program that they have applied to (example: Business, Nursing, Engineering) and be exempt of any ESL requirement. Students who score less than the minimum will receive an I-20 for English as a Second Language.

TOEFL requirements can be waived for students applying from a country where English is the official language.

Step 4 Immunization

The College requires all International Students to complete the Immunization Submissions Form and provide documentation proving immunization from Measles, Mumps, and Rubella and a negative screening or diagnosis of Tuberculosis.

This is not a requirement to receive a Certificate of Eligibility I-20 and you can submit these after arriving in the US or transferring to the College. However, if possible, we encourage you to submit these documents with your application.

These documents must be submitted no later than 60 days from the Date of Entry into the US (for students applying from overseas) OR 60 days after the Date of Issuance of your I-20 from Montgomery County Community College (for transfer students).

Measles, Mumps and Rubella

All international students must receive two doses of MMR vaccine, or show proof of measles and mumps immunity. A photocopy documenting one of the following will serve as proof of immunity. Only one of the three below is required.

  • Documentation (month and year) of receiving TWO doses of the combination MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine or TWO doses of measles vaccine and TWO doses of mumps vaccine.
  • Documentation of a positive Rubella titer and/or Mumps titer (laboratory blood test).
  • Documentation from a physician or clinic indicating a past diagnosis of the disease(s).

PPD/Tuberculosis Screening

All international students must provide proof of a negative PPD test in the United States. A photocopy documenting one of the following will serve as proof of a negative screening.

  • Documentation of a negative tuberculosis skin test (PPD) performed and read in millimeters in the US.
  • Documentation of a positive tuberculosis skin test (PPD) and a written report of a negative chest x-ray and/or INH therapy for prophylaxis performed in the US. X-ray films will not be accepted.


Step 5 After Submitting Completed Application

The I-20, Certificate of Eligibility

If your application is complete and approved by the ESL and International Student Services, the College will issue you an admissions letter and an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility. Based on the instructions given in the International Student Application, your admissions packet will be mailed to a specified address or left in the Student Success Center in Blue Bell for pick up. Please note, transfer students are REQUIRED to pick up their I-20 form in person at the Admissions office.

Obtaining a Student Visa

VISA INTERVIEW—If you are applying directly from your home country, you will need the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility to begin the visa process. Please visit your local US Embassy or Consulate web site for information on SEVIS fees, visa interview appointments, and policies and procedures for the F-1 Student Visa evaluation process.


Montgomery County Community College does not offer on-campus housing. Most International Students will have housing secured through a friend or relative in close proximity to the College. If you require housing assistance, please contact Associate Director of International Student Support Services for information on available housing solutions.

Your First Visit to Campus

A copy of the stamped and approved I-20 form, I-94 card, and visa must be submitted to the Student Success Center. If approved, the student is expected to arrive at the College at least two weeks prior to the start of classes to take placement tests, and meet with an International Student Advisor at the Student Success Center to select courses.

Students applying for Change of Status or Transfer should contact the Admissions office to sign and process their I-20s as appropriate.

Financial Documents and Expenses

Bank Statements

As stated in the Application Checklist, verification of financial support in the amount of $21,000 USD is necessary for issuance of the I-20. To establish that the student and/or sponsor have these funds, a bank statement (personal savings account) is preferred. Mutual funds and investment accounts are acceptable. Retirement plans, 401Ks, and IRAs are not acceptable.

Income statements and mortgage information will not be considered. All financial documents must be official including signature of bank official or notary. The amount required does not include travel expenses or optional summer classes. You cannot expect to work or receive financial aid after you arrive. Photocopies or faxed copies of bank statements are not acceptable. Non-English documents must be accompanied by an official English translation.

If you have accompanying dependents, you must provide an additional $5500 USD for a spouse and $3000 USD per child. The financial statement must be current (within 6 months of your anticipated starting semester).

Tuition, Fees, and other Expenses

Estimated Expenses for Academic Year: 2015-2016
Tuition and Fees (the minimum at 24 credits per year) $10,850
Books and Supplies $1,000
Personal Expenses $1,000
Immunizations and Screenings 200
Health Insurance 950
Housing 9,000
TOTAL $23,000

Tuition Costs

Students on an F-1 Visa, by Pennsylvania law, are not considered residents; therefore, they are not eligible for state or county subsidized tuition. International Students will be charged the Out-of-State tuition and fees. All students must attend both fall and spring semesters taking at least 12 credits each semester (full-time status). Please refer to our Tuition and Fees web page for information on current Out-of-State Tuition and Fees. Financial aid is not available to foreign students.

Living Expenses

It is often difficult to predict the actual expenses that a student will encounter during one year. The following estimates are meant to serve as a guideline for planning your finances. Students are encouraged to evaluate their individual situation to determine their own budget.

Health Insurance

All International Students must show proof of enrollment in health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you will be automatically be enrolled in a health insurance policy through Montgomery County Community College with HTH Worldwide. If you have comparable coverage, you must submit a wavier form to the Student Success Center, if eligible. Policy premiums are based on age.

Step 6 Assess Your Skills.

There are many ways you can determine your college readiness and identify courses that are right for you. You may submit score reports (PSAT, SAT, PSSA, AP, etc.) or college transcripts for evaluation. If you do not have these items or your scores or grades are not high enough, you are required to take the College’s placement tests. The College offers you many ways to prepare for these tests and highly encourages you to do this. You can prepare both on and off campus and we will provide you with assistance to do so. To find out more about course placement, please see Testing and Placement.