MUS 110 Music Appreciation
MUS 111 History of Rock and Roll
MUS 112 African-American Traditions in American Music
MUS 113 Music in American Culture
MUS 114 Introduction to World Music Cultures
MUS 120 Music Fundamentals
MUS 133 College Choir I
MUS 134 College Choir II
MUS 135 College Choir III
MUS 136 College Choir IV
MUS 140 Introduction to Digital Music Technology
MUS 141 Intermediate Digital Music: Multimedia and Max
MUS 146 Principles of Private Music Instruction
MUS 150 Guitar Class I
MUS 151 Guitar Class 2
MUS 152 Commercial & Jazz Guitar Studies
MUS 160 Jazz Lab Band I
MUS 161 Jazz Lab Band II
MUS 162 Jazz Lab Band III
MUS 163 Jazz Lab Band IV
MUS 170 Piano Class I
MUS 171 Piano Class 2
MUS 172 Piano Class 3
MUS 173 Piano Class 4
MUS 180 Applied Music Lessons 1
MUS 181 Applied Music Lessons 2
MUS 190 Chamber Strings I
MUS 191 Chamber Strings II
MUS 192 Chamber Strings III
MUS 193 Chamber Strings IV
MUS 194 Wind Ensemble I
MUS 195 Wind Ensemble II
MUS 196 Wind Ensemble III
MUS 197 Wind Ensemble IV
MUS 210 Jazz History
MUS 211 Western Music History I: From Medieval to Renaissance
MUS 212 Western Music History 2: The Baroque: From Monteverdi To Bach
MUS 213 Western Music History 3: The Classical and Early Romantic Eras: From Bach to Beethoven and Beyond
MUS 214 Western Music History 4: The Late 19th and the 20th Century
MUS 221 Music Theory I
MUS 222 Music Theory II
MUS 231 Aural Theory 1
MUS 232 Aural Theory 2
MUS 233 Chamber Choir I
MUS 234 Chamber Choir II
MUS 235 Chamber Choir III
MUS 236 Chamber Choir IV
MUS 240 The Art and Business of Songwriting
MUS 241 The Business of Music
MUS 260 Performance Jazz Ensemble I
MUS 261 Performance Jazz Ensemble II
MUS 262 Performance Jazz Ensemble III
MUS 263 Performance Jazz Ensemble IV