Create Your Own Website


This course is designed for students and professionals that want to design and create a functional web site. Target students include those who want to prepare for careers in web design, computer graphics and multi-media.

Program Description

This hands-on course will give students an overview of HTML and then introduce them to the powerful Dreamwever program. They will learn to use this powerful web design software to go beyond basic HTML coding and create dynamic web pages that include interactive elements such as hyperlinks, animation, and mouse cver; creating and managing a site, organizing files and content, and setting up properties. Inserting and formatting type, inserting a HR rule, inserting and formatting tables, and file formats to use/Flash, image compression and inserting into a web page.

Primary Goals

This short 12-hour program starts with the fundamentals of web design and moves up to the use of Dreamweaver to create dynamic web pages. This will help students that are looking at careers in web design and those that want to create and maintain their own web sites.


Creating Your Own Website Course



Recognition of Completion

A certificate of completion is awarded by the College.