Adobe Photoshop CS5


The Adobe Photoshop course is designed for students seeking a career in Digital Design. Target students include those who want to prepare for careers in computer graphics and multi-media.

Program Description

This hands-on digital imaging course will cover selection techniques, layers and alpha channels, scanning, image manipulation, large high resolution files, file compression and preparing images for print and electronic media. This is a short 12-hour course that includes using Adobe PhotoShop software to retouch and edit images created from scratch and those scanned.

Primary Goals

The program covers the fundamentals of using Adobe Photoshop CS5 software to teach students how to manipulate images that they have created or scanned. The program covers familiarization with the advanced tools available in Photoshop and using them to design, create and edit images. This will help students that are looking at careers in Digital Design or existing professionals that want to upgrade their skill sets. At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to calibrate his/her system, understand resolution, import and export images and edit some using colors, layers, masks, filters, and resizing.



Recognition of Completion

A certificate of completion is awarded by Montgomery County Community College.