Notary Public Training and Renewal

The College is one of only two colleges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that is approved and authorized by the Department of State to provide a Notary Public Training Course.

Program Description

For current Notaries applying for reappointment and prospective Notaries. Learn the powers, duties, and obligations of a Notary. How to become a Notary in PA. How to identify clients, keep accurate records, and charge appropriate fees. Basic three hour training satisfies requirements for new applicants and for renewal.

The course satisfies the requirements of proof of completion of the three hour, state approved, Notary Public course.

The Notary Public Training and Renewal course is designed for individuals who are considering or who have made the decision to become a Notary Public. The course satisfies the requirement of completing a state-approved course for new applicants as well as current Notary Public’s who are applying for reappointment.

Program Dates

Friday, May 12 Section 01 #LLSI 0705 Blue Bell $75
Thursday, June 1 Section 02 #LLSI 0705 Blue Bell $75
Wednesday, July 12
Wednesday, July 12
Section 01
Section AW 
#LLSI 0705
#LLSI 0705
Blue Bell
Friday August 25 Section 03 #LLSI 0705 Blue Bell $75
Tuesday, September 12 Section 01 #LLSI 0705 Blue Bell $75

Primary Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be capable of fulfilling the powers, duties, and obligations of being a Notary in Pennsylvania.


Notary Public Training and Renewal Course Code # LLSI 0705


There are no requirements for this course.

Recognition of Completion

Certificate of Completion issued by the College upon successful completion.

Register online or by calling 215-641-6551.