Academic Affairs

Board of Trustees Policy


Student Withdrawal for Military Deployment or Reassignment

January 20, 2009


The College needs a policy and appropriate procedures to assist students who must withdraw from the College due to military deployment or reassignment.


The College will provide the following options for students who have been deployed or reassigned for military service in order to appropriately maintain the student’s academic and financial records with Montgomery County Community College.

  • During the Drop/Add registration period with copies of the deployment orders, the Registrar may backdate the student’s registration so that no charges are assessed for the term and no courses appear on an official transcript.
  • After the drop/add period (Withdrawal Period), with deployment orders the student may opt to have all courses and charges removed from the record for the semester. Without deployment orders the student must follow standard College withdrawal procedures. A retroactive appeal to have the courses and charges removed from the record can be initiated upon delivery of the required deployment orders.
  • After the drop/add period (Withdrawal Period), the College can provide the student with an option to apply for an incomplete (I) grade with the course instructor. The incomplete grade (I) must be completed by the end of the semester following deployment. If the course is not completed and the student submitted a copy of the deployment orders prior to leaving, the course and the tuition will be removed from the student’s record. If the student does not complete the requirements of the incomplete (I) grade and did not submit a copy of the deployment orders prior to leaving, the incomplete grade (I) will convert to a failing (F) grade. The student may appeal the grade and tuition upon return to the College with submission of the deployment orders.


The students should notify the instructor(s) of the deployment. Without proper documentation, the student must follow the normal College withdrawal and refunding procedures. The active military students should work directly with the Coordinator of Accelerated and Off-Campus Programs. The Veterans on Inactive Reserve Status and National Guard/Reservist students should work directly with the Veteran’s Advisor. Copies of all orders will be forwarded to the Registrar.