Celebrating More than 1,700 Years of Service to MCCC

Dr. Pollock presents Roueche Excellence Awards medalsThe College on Thursday recognized 161 employees who have dedicated more than 1,700 years of collective service to the College at the annual Employee Celebration.

“It is an honor to recognize and praise the important contributions made to our students and our community at large by our outstanding faculty, staff and administrators,” said Dr. Kevin Pollock, president of the College.

Board of Trustees Chair Richard Montalbano said the College is about opportunity and helping people, and that takes a lot of hard work.

“In this room, we have lots of people who have contributed to that effort,” Montalbano said. “Every day, you put in the energy to help people achieve their dreams.”

Dr. Pollock also presented the 2016 Innovation of the Year Award to the Faculty Diversity Fellowship Program. Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez, vice president for academic affairs and provost; Rose Makofske, director of Equity/Diversity Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator; and Dr. Harold Halbert, associate professor of English, were honored for their work on the initiative.

“Since its inception, the College has been enriched by the Faculty Diversity Fellowship Program through innovative curricula, scholarship, student connections, and advances in cultural competencies and cultural awareness," Dr. Bastecki-Perez said. "The underpinnings of divergent academic interests, cultural backgrounds, and professional experiences together with the presence of diverse role models contribute greatly to the success of all students.”

Each year, the League for Innovation in the Community College recognizes Innovations of the Year at member colleges. The award is designed to recognize faculty and staff members who have designed and implemented a significant innovation on their campuses. The criteria for the selection of the Innovation of the Year include, quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, replication, creativity and timeliness.

The Faculty Diversity Fellowship Program, in support of the College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, promotes and advances the careers of exceptional scholars from historically underrepresented groups. The one-year program provides each fellow with opportunities for teaching, student engagement, peer mentoring, and professional development as educators and scholars. The College commits to establish tenure-track positions for successful fellows.

Dr. Pollock also recognized Deborah Greenspan, associate professor of Psychology; Joe Mancini, executive director of Information Technology; and Diane McDonald, assistant professor of English; as the recipients of the 2017 John and Susanne Roueche Excellence Award. As a tribute to the Roueches’ numerous contributions to community college faculty and staff, the Award is presented annually to deserving faculty and staff who exemplify exceptional teaching and leadership.

“One of the greatest accomplishments in any academic career is to know your work is noticed, especially by your peers, and in return for your dedication, to be recognized through academic promotion,” Dr. Pollock said as he introduced faculty promotions. Those achieving promotion include Patrick Winston, promoted to Professor of Art; Monica D’Antonio, promoted to Associate Professor of English; James Muscatell, promoted to Associate Professor of Mathematics; Theresa Napson-Williams promoted to Associate Professor of History; Marion Bucci, promoted to Assistant Professor of Health Care Professions; and Amanda Wooldridge, promoted to Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Wellness.

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