Meet the Class of 2016: Kyle Bone Excels at the Art of Planning

Kyle BoneMay 30, 2016, Blue Bell, Pa.—An extremely pragmatic, driven and diligent student, Kyle Bone, of Plymouth Meeting, acknowledges that he didn’t always possess these characteristics and that he surmounted great odds in graduating with a 3.978 GPA, receiving the 2016 Alumni Graduate Achievement Award and working as a Supplemental Instructor at MCCC and as a Government Relations Secretary at The Salvation Army.

Bone explains that while in high school, he struggled with depression, which “is the reason [he] did not take [the] SATs, was absent much of [his] junior and senior years, and dropped out of high school before graduation.”

“However,“ he explains, “I know that if I had not overcome that obstacle, I would not be nearly as driven, goal-oriented, and excited about the future.”

While at MCCC, Kyle wanted to demonstrate that he “was capable of being an outstanding student.”

After receiving his GED, he prudently decided to take a gap year in order to work and save money, enabling him to attend college debt-free. He worked overtime at Target and The Salvation Army, gaining a reputation as a hard worker with outstanding leadership and organizational skills.

Perhaps Bone’s most impressive achievement while interning at The Salvation Army was his role as head-organizer of the non-profit’s 52-piece brass ensemble, which inaugurated the 2015 World Meeting of Families at Logan Circle. While his work with The Salvation Army does not directly correlate with his career goals, Kyle certainly gleaned many life-skills—such as organizing, delegating, effectively communicating and persevering—all of which will help him in his academics and career pursuits.

Bone, very systematically, explains that he has a three-phase, five-year plan — of which working for a year was phase one, and graduating with his associate’s degree in Business Administration at MCCC was phase two. The next step is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Temple University.

Such careful monetary planning and forethought should not come as a surprise for someone who hopes to offer financial guidance for big businesses and then, ultimately, work as an actuary—a profession that “is all about managing risk.”

Bone is very much an actuary through and through, for managing his own risk; the risk of not finding a job after college was his primary incentive for pursuing a degree in Business Administration. However, while at MCCC, he found motivation beyond job security as he “fell in love with statistics and mathematics with business applications.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with the education that I received at MCCC!” Kyle shared. “There exists a stigma about the educational legitimacy of community colleges in the United States, but I did not think it was applicable to MCCC in the least. I am confident that I received an excellent education, the value of which is equal to that of four-year colleges.”

- Kayleigh DiGiacomo

Kyle Bone

Montgomery County Community College officials congratulate Kyle Bone for receiving the 2016 Alumni Graduate Achievement Award during a reception on March 29, 2016. Photo by Sandi Yanisko