Mission and Goals

Board of Trustees Policy


Statement of Values

February 2004

The students, faculty, support staff, administration, and Board of Trustees of Montgomery County Community College uphold the following values.

  1. Learning

  2. To support this value, the College
    1. promotes learning as a lifelong activity
    2. encourages student centered learning
    3. recognizes that learning is important in and of itself
  3. Accessible and Affordable Educational Opportunity

  4. To support this value, the College
    1. provides equal opportunities in education and employment
    2. offers support services to assist students in meeting their educational goals
    3. makes programs and services available at an affordable cost
    4. provides educational services to the community
    5. offers programs and services at convenient locations and times
  5. Quality Programs and Performance

  6. To support this value, the College
    1. provides up-to-date learning resources, tools, and technologies within the framework of our financial support
    2. evaluates programs and services to improve institutional effectiveness
    3. promotes accountability, initiative, innovation and integrity
    4. provides a collegial work environment which rewards excellence, offers opportunities for professional development and encourages teamwork and meaningful involvement in decision making
  7. Fairness and Equity

  8. To support this value, the College
    1. respects all people without prejudice or discrimination
    2. strives to deal fairly with all people
    3. encourages all members of our College community to communicate openly, honestly and with integrity
    4. promotes tolerance, appreciation and understanding of alternative cultural and intellectual ideas
  9. Individual Worth

  10. To support this value, the College
    1. is dedicated to each student's intellectual, personal and ethical growth
    2. respects the opinions of members of the College community and encourages open exchanges of ideas
    3. provides opportunities for the intellectual, personal, professional and ethical growth of faculty, support staff, administrators and members of the Board of Trustees
  11. Community Service

  12. To support this value, the College
    1. responds to the needs of the community it serves
    2. plans educational programs with business and government
    3. cooperates with other educational providers
    4. provides opportunities and activities which culturally enrich the community