Strategic Plan

Beyond Access: The Strategic Plan to 2016

Strategic Theme 1: Increase student access and success

Strategic Goal: Develop multiple pathways for entry to reduce barriers to enrollment, ensure seamless student transitions ( from high school to college, from non-credit to credit, from college to transfer, from college to career, from career to college) and improve student academic achievement and goal attainment.

Strategic Theme 2: Build curricular relevance, innovation in delivery and supportive faculty development systems

Strategic Goal: Create an environment to support faculty innovation to develop distinctive curricular offerings delivered in flexible and stackable formats that meet current and future societal and workforce needs and that lead to successful student academic achievement and goal attainment.

Strategic Theme 3: Develop an engaged community

Strategic Goal: Design connections between students, faculty, the College and the community that support student learning and academic achievement and that benefit community revitalization and renewal.

Strategic Theme 4: Create a sense of place to support learning

Strategic Goal: Create a learning and working environment that is sustainable, welcoming, safe, and dynamic irrespective of location (physical and virtual) that leads to improved student success and community engagement.

Strategic Theme 5: Adopt an entrepreneurial approach

Strategic Goal: Adopt creative funding models and organizational practices that increase our ability to sustain and meet current and future institutional priorities.

Strategic Theme 6: Create a high performance culture

Strategic Goal: Develop a culture with systems and processes that nurture creativity and innovation, lead to continuous improvement, and reward high performance to meet the College's access and success goals.