College Experts

The College’s Office of Communications provides members of the media with a database of faculty and staff who have agreed to participate in media interviews in their areas of expertise. To request an interview, contact Angela Polec at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Arts, Music and Literature

Dr. Melinda Copel, Adjunct Instructor of Dance
(U.S. Government’s Use of Performing Arts in Foreign Relations Program During the Cold War; 20th & 21st Century American Dance)

Andrew Kosciesza, Assistant Professor/Coordinator of Music
(Illegal File Sharing; Music Culture and History; Music Industry)

Susan Rhoads, Instructor of Education
(Children’s Literature)

Dr. Marc Schuster, Instructor of English
(20th Century American Fiction; Consumerism; Don DeLillo; Grammar; Philip K. Dick; Science Fiction)


Eileen Kearney, Assistant Professor of Marketing
(Academic Programs in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Real Estate)

Dr. Frederick Koslowski, Instructor of Management
(Institutional Management/Reform; Open Access/Open Archives Initiative; Organizational Strategy/Change)


Neil Goldstein, Assistant Professor/Coordinator of Communication
(Film, Television, General Media, Media Strategy)

Dr. Marc Schuster, Assistant Professor of English
(Media Studies; Television)

Criminal Justice

Jay Julian, Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice
(Criminal Justice; Domestic and International Terrorism)

Benn Prybutok, Director of Criminal Justice Studies, Fire Science, and Emergency Management
(Comparative Criminal Justice Studies; Criminal Law/Criminal Justice System; Homeland Security; Organized Crime; Terrorism and Counterterrorism)

Economy and Employment

Nina Mattson, Assistant Director of Job Placement
(Job Market; Resume Writing)

Linda Woll, Earn/Next Step Coordinator/Advisor
(Self-Directed Learning in the Workplace)


Joan Azarva, Learning Specialist
(Learning Disabilities in Higher Education)

Cynthia Grodanz, Assistant Professor of Reading and Cognitive Development
(Academic Preparation for College; Learning and Study Skills for Higher Education)

Dr. Debbie Levin, Coordinator/Professor of Education
(Early Childhood Issues; Early Childhood Reading Skills)

Deborah Ravacon, Children’s Center Director/Teacher
(Early Childhood Issues)

Susan Rhoads, Instructor of Education
(Children’s Literature; Educating Young Children)

Meryl Sultanik, Instructor of Education
(Educational Technology; Elementary Education)

Joyce Wheatley, Executive Director of Recruitment and Partner Programs
(Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment)


Wayne Brew, Assistant Professor of Geography
(Cultural Geography—Population, Language, Politics, History; Physical Geography—Climate, Landforms; Geographic Information Systems; Urban Geography)

Samuel Wallace, Adjunct Instructor of Geography
(Cultural Geography; Geographic Information Systems)

Health Science and Exercise Science

Lois Butcher-Poffley, Senior Adjunct Instructor of Exercise Science
(Coaching, Fitness, Wellness, Sports Psychology)

Debra Poelhuis-Leth, Director of Radiography Program
(Radiologic Sciences; Medical Imaging)

History and Political Science

Dr. Lawrence Backlund, Professor of History and Political Science
(Latin American, Modern European, Scandinavian History; International Relations; Political Science)

Dr. Melinda Copel, Adjunct Instructor of Dance
(U.S. Government’s Use of Performing Arts in Foreign Relations Program During the Cold War)

Dr. Thomas Kolsky, Professor of History & Political Science
(American Politics; Arab/Palestinian-Israeli Conflict; Creating Political Awareness Through Humor; International Relations; Modern Middle East; Political Humor; Terrorism; United States in the Middle East)

Dr. Anna Roper, Instructor of History
(Gender in Modern Russia; History of the Russo-Chinese Trade and Diplomatic Relationships; History of Traditional Asian Culture; Modern Russian History; Russian Art of the 19th Century-Beginning 20th Century)

Theresa Savard, Associate Professor of English as a Second Language
(NATO Language Academy)

Psychology and Sociology

Dr. Cory Bank, Professor of Psychology
(Health and Sports Psychology, Motivation, Psychotherapy, Stress Management)

Dr. Steven Baron, Professor of Psychology
(Child, Social, and Sports Psychology; Sociology)

Dr. Deborah Greenspan, Instructor of Psychology
(Child Development)

Science and Technology

William Brownlowe, Associate Professor of Engineering Science
(Technology in the Educational Process; STEM Disciplines—Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Robert Kuhlman, Professor of Geology
(Floods; Hurricanes; Oil; Sea-Level Rise; Volcanoes)

Celeste Schwartz, Vice President of Information Technology
(Technology; Technology in Higher Education)